Monster Mac, Apple Pie Frap and other secret menu items

(WNYW) - On a warm day like Monday, who wouldn't want a Starbucks Apple Pie Frappuccino to keep you cool? Thing is, you can't order this unless you know about it. Many fast food restaurants sell secret items you can order that are not part of the public menu.

We went to McDonald's to get the Monster Mac, basically a Big Mac on steroids. The worker initially wasn't sure what I meant but then sent the order. Sure enough, I had one.

Starbucks has a ton of secret menu items. We were curious about the Apple Pie Frap. Since it wasn't on the menu, the worker told me to get the ingredients and they'd make it. I found them, and they did.

While many companies don't officially acknowledge the secret menu items, the word is getting out, thanks to websites.

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