More warmth for October?

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - As expected, September has turned out to be warmer than average.

Through September 24th, the average high temperature is 80 degrees. That’s 7 degrees warmer than the average high of September 2014 and 3 degrees warmer than the average high of September 2013.

Since September 1st, 14 out of the 24 days have seen high temperatures at or above 80 degrees, including 3 days in the 90s.

In fact, this September could be the warmest in terms of the average high since September of 2007 where the average high was 79 degrees. Chances of this are fairly high since the 6 to 10 day outlook keeps temperatures above normal.

A brief cool down is expected at the start of October, but the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting October to be warmer than normal with near normal precipitation.

The Climate Prediction Center is also forecasting the 3 month period, October through December, to be warmer than normal.