Multiple peacocks shot and killed in Riverview neighborhood

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Peacocks have roamed the streets of the Boyette Springs neighborhood in Riverview for years.

"People will stop and take pictures because it's a rarity, you don't see this kind of thing going on anywhere else," said Karen Coggins, a resident of the neighborhood.

Lately, neighbors believe these flashy birds have become target practice for bb-gun wielding teens. 

"We found one dead peacock, initially, that was probably shot out of my tree and landed in my yard," said Esther Kirk, another Boyette Springs resident. 

However, that peacock was only the first of many. 

"As a pack, [the peacocks] were staring at the storm drain," Coggins recalled. "So, my neighbor and I went over and found two dead peacocks in the storm drain."

It's become common to hear shots fired outside their homes, followed by dead birds found on their streets. 

Neighbors believe they may have even caught those responsible in the act. 

"[We saw] some teenagers in a black truck driving through the neighborhood, two in the back, two in the front and they have guns with them," Coggins said.

Neighbors think the teens rode their bikes around prior to the incident, searching for peacocks. Not too long after, witnesses said they watched as the truck slowed down and a bird was shot in broad daylight. 

However, those who live on the street are more concerned that this killing spree could end up having some very serious consequences. 

"People walk their dogs, walk their little children around here. A ricochet bullet could hit a dog, could hit a child," Kirk said.

The neighborhood is now banding together, demanding answers and saying enough is enough. 

HCSO is investigating.