Naperville District 203 teachers push for more compensation as contract talks continue

Over 100 educators were in red outside Naperville North High School Sunday, celebrating success at the bargaining table and still determined to fight until the end. For almost three years, District 203 teachers have been looking for what they call a fair contract. Family medical leave was a point of debate, but members now say the district made a fair offer. More compensation is the issue now.  

"We have won a lot of battles, we’re not done yet," said Dan Iverson, President of the Naperville Unit Education Association. "We’ll continue to work all the way through."

District 203 includes 23 schools, 1400 teachers and 16,000 educators. Naperville’s last teachers strike was 30 years ago.

"When you’re asked to do more, you want to be paid more, like any job," said English teacher Mike Pearson.


 Christine Bell has been a teacher for 27 years. She said the workload has definitely increased and students are needing more personalized instruction plans.

 "We’re no longer just the classroom teacher, counseling, working with kids, at times we’re mother and father because they don’t have those people at home," Bell said.

 Members are optimistic for a settlement.   

We reached out to District 203 on Sunday for a response and did not hear back.