Naperville family hopes to reunite beautiful angel found in ditch with owner

Neighbors are finding all sorts of things in their yards after a tornado struck the Chicago suburbs late Sunday night.

But one family is now turning to social media to try to track down the owner of something special.


The tornado was of EF3 intensity when it struck a Naperville subdivision, with wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour.

A woman who lives about a mile from the subdivision was picking up debris in her yard – shingles, boards – when she ran across a beautiful white and gold angel.

The angel appears to be a tree topper. Mary Kuhn says the angel was practically glowing.

She showed us where she found it lying by the side of Palomino Drive near 75th Street. It was in a ditch with other debris.

Now, her family has posted a request online for her owner to come forward.

"Because of all the devastation and horror that happened, for some family this would be important," Kuhn said.

She says if no one comes forward, she will keep it in her home.

If it is yours or you know whom the angel belongs to, you can post in the "Neighborly Naperville" Facebook page.