Naperville residents recount tornado survival stories: 'like bombs everywhere'

While residents in the Chicago suburbs continue to clean up their properties after an EF3 tornado hit, they are also recounting their survival stories.

On Tuesday, there were signs of hope in Naperville. One large yard sign located near the entrance of the Cinnamon Creek subdivision thanked first responders.

"Yesterday I saw their faces and they just looked exhausted and I can only imagine what they are going through," said Tracy Kye, whose home was not damaged, but lives down the street and made the sign.

"I just wanted to spread cheer," she said.


The National Weather Service says the Father’s Day tornado strengthened to EF3 intensity in the Cinnamon Creek subdivision.

Annie Shum told FOX 32 that at first, she ignored the weather alerts.

"Maybe one or two minutes later the house shook and then it seems like bombs everywhere," said Shum. "I say ‘oh my God,’ and I look and I said ‘oh my God help me!’"

Her home was struck with flying wood pieces, piercing her walls, and her ceiling may cave in due to extensive damage. Her home is now considered uninhabitable.

Officials in Naperville are urging residents to separate tree debris and other garbage, and they are expecting to have special collections for waste starting next week.