Neighbors of Brian Laundrie join the call to end his silence in search for Gabby Petito

A North Port woman has now been missing for more than three weeks after a cross-country trip with her fiancé, a person of interest, who is still refusing to speak to authorities after he returned home in Sarasota County without her.

Investigators have yet to compel Brian Laundrie or his parents to talk to them about Gabby Petito’s disappearance, but the calls for them to do so are growing even louder and some neighbors have decided they won’t keep quiet so long as the Laundries stay silent.

The chants, "Where is Gabby? Where is Gabby?" echoed in the Laundries’ North Port neighborhood Thursday night with handmade signs.


Neighbors hold 'Bring Gabby Home!' sign

A stop sign on the family’s street has also been altered. It asks the big question: Where is she?


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Gabby’s father arrived in North Port on Thursday to plead with the community, and those watching the press conference from around the country, to keep looking for his daughter.


He also begged Brian and his parents to talk to investigators. Some of their neighbors said they’ll make sure there’ll be no peace until they help in the search for Gabby. It’s unclear whether  the Laundrie family have been inside the home the past few days.

"What I need from everybody here is help," said Joe Petito, "because the goal is still not met. And that goal is to bring Gabby home safe."


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The case has many wondering if Laundrie could be connected to a double homicide that happened while he and Gabby were in Moab, Utah.

That’s where a concerned witness called police on August 12 after seeing the couple in a loud and physical fight.

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The sheriff there has released a letter saying they're looking into whether Brian and Gabby are in any way connected to two women who were last seen the night of August 13 at a bar, and later found shot to death in their car.

One of the women worked in the same organic grocery store the couple told police they’d visited earlier that day, the same place where Brian and Gabby got into their argument 

Right now, there's nothing public to suggest they’re linked, authorities said, but aren’t ruling anything out.

PDF: North Port Police Department's missing persons report for Gabby Petito