New Illinois law allows women to get birth control without seeing a doctor

Women will no longer have to see a doctor to get birth control in Illinois.

The change is part of a bill signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker Thursday.

Currently, you have to see a doctor to get a prescription for hormonal birth control. However, starting in January, you won't have to. 

Pharmacists will be able to dispense up to 12-months of birth control, and it will still be covered by health insurance plans.

Patients will just have to fill out a health assessment form.


The American Civil Liberties Union says this gives women more rights to decide what is best for their bodies and expands access to healthcare. 

Gov. Pritzker also expanded telehealth. 

Health insurance plans regulated by the state must cover the cost of virtual doctor's visits, and patients won't have to see a doctor in person before a virtual visit.