New Rauner ad depicts Pritzker, Madigan wedding: 'I now pronounce Illinois F***ed'

There’s a growing backlash from Democrats in response to a controversial attack ad from Governor Bruce Rauner blasting JB Pritzker.

Just when you thought the governor's race couldn't get any nastier, Rauner's latest attack on Pritzker is raising some eyebrows for dropping an "F" bomb.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce Illinois F***ed,” the ad states.

Even in the nasty world of Illinois politics, it's likely a first: a bleeped obscenity in Rauner's latest attack ad on Pritzker showing him marrying House Speaker Mike Madigan.

"To raise property tax, corrupt government and bankrupt Illinois' future. Done. Deal. And I, JB Pritzker, take you, Mike Madigan, to honor and obey till death do us part. Always have, always will,” the ad states.

It's called “Unholy Union,” and Rauner is defending the ad.

The governor was in Chicago at hope academy Tuesday talking to students and teachers. Rauner stood by the message saying it's what would happen if Madigan and Pritzker ruled the state. But he wouldn't repeat the word when continually pressed by a reporter.

“My word is, I'll say this. We're screwed. We're screwed as the state of Illinois if Pritzker and Madigan get power,” Rauner said.

Democrats are slamming the ad calling it homophobic.

"That ad was really disturbing especially from a governor who just finished vetoing a bill that would have protected LGTB citizens from discrimination and employment. Someone who opposed marriage equality as a candidate and also simply the fact he's now broadcasting obscenities,” Rep. Greg Harris said. "The whole ad was disgusting."

While Rauner's ad should surely play well with his base, it's unclear if it will reach across to any undecided voters. The latest polls show him trailing Pritzker by 22 points.