Mayorkas impeachment case sent to Senate

After a lengthy delay, House Republicans have sent their impeachment case against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate for trial consideration.

Government shutdown looms as Congress works on budget

The U.S. government is facing a shutdown yet again as lawmakers attempt to approve a budget. The budget is due by Friday, March 1, but the House isn't back in chambers until Wednesday, giving them just under three days to get to work.

People camping out for Trump Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court on Thursday will hear arguments on whether former President Trump is ineligible to be president for a second term. Spectators hoping to sit in on the case while it's being heard are already waiting in line outside of the Supreme Court. The historic case focuses on a ruling in Colorado that took Trump off the ballot, citing an excerpt from the 14th Amendment that disqualifies candidates who quote: "engaged in insurrection."

Trump loses executive immunity defense

For the first time in U.S. history, a federal appeals court has ruled on a president's accountability in a criminal case. At issue: whether Donald Trump had immunity for his actions on January sixth. The court's decision on the matter was unanimous.