New technology can scan body temps of large groups of people in seconds

Measuring your body temperature as you walk into the door to work could become a new normal, and a company in La Grange has created a new tool to make it happen.

The innovative system is completely contact free and could safeguard against the spread of illnesses like COVID-19 in workplaces, airports, hospitals, stadiums and more.

“If you’re running a fever, you may not know it,” said Nick Dubak, Chief Operating Officer of Dubak Electrical Group. “We’re looking to help restore order at the front door.”

Meet Duthermx: a fully integrated body temperature measurement system made by Dubak Electrical Group.

“In within 30 milliseconds, it’s taking a snapshot of your face. It’s identifying your facial profile, and it’s taking your temperature from your chin to your forehead,” Dubak said.

It looks like a security camera, but it uses advanced thermal camera technology to take body temperatures of large numbers of people.

“It’s a free flowing device. There’s no contact. It helps really restore that confidence and put away that anxiety that exists today,” Dubak said.

If you pass through with a so-called "normal" temperature, a green light will flash.

But if you’re at 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit or above, a red light will flash and an alert, such as a text or email, will be sent to someone in charge.

“We want to regulate the spread and help identify issues early on. Without this technology, there’s potentially risk living within facilities,” Dubak said.

The camera’s thermal reading has an accuracy within about half a degree.

“It’s very accurate. It’s very reliable,” Dubak said.

Also, it can scan 16 to 40 people at a time.

“We need the American engine back to work and people want to come back to work feeling safe, feeling confident,” Dubak said.

Installing a system costs about $31,000. So far, 12 sites in the Chicago area have installed units.