New video shows Dolton police open fire in shooting that killed 19-year-old woman

Intense new video shows a confrontation between Dolton police and a 19-year-old woman that left her dead.

The family of Alexis Wilson spoke publicly Thursday about the newly released footage, questioning how the video was edited.

Dolton's police chief says it was not edited and that they used the videos that visually told the story of what happened in the early morning hours of July 27.


Around 1 a.m., Wilson was behind the wheel of a red van when she ordered food at Baba's Famous Steak and Lemonade off Sibley Boulevard.

The order was not right. That is when she came back around and video shows Wilson using an object to hit the drive-thru window.

Police were called from restaurant employees claiming there was a gun. When police arrived on scene, the exchange escalated.

Wilson did not want to exit her vehicle because she said she was naked. Her family says the officer on the driver side hit her in the face, but police say they cannot determine that.

Seconds later, Wilson drove off, hitting a squad car while an officer held on to the van.

Then, shots were fired.

One Dolton police officer is still in the hospital with serious injuries.

Dolton Police Chief Rob Collins says he is fine with the video.

"The officers were placed in a bad situation, and they reacted to the situation," Collins said. "The fact that someone lost their life…no one wanted that."

A 9mm handgun loaded with an extended clip was recovered. Illinois state police are still investigating.

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard issued an apology to the family saying she spoke out too soon when throwing support behind officers after the shooting.

"As a mother and a daughter, my heart is heavy for the family of Ms. Alexis Wilson. The words that I expressed previously were based upon the information at the time and were not meant to overshadow the significance of Ms. Wilson’s life, nor cause additional pain to the Wilson family. For this, I am terribly sorry. I offer this public apology and have every intention of extending my private apology to Ms. Alexis Wilson’s parents," Henyard said in a statement.