Phoenix woman receives note demanding she take down Trump flag

The morning after the violent insurrection at the Capitol, Barbara Hill checked her mailbox at her North Phoenix home.

She claims someone left a note for her.

"These people say they’ve put up with our nonsensical flags long enough and the neighborhood's made up of intelligent reasonable people who do not approve of your statements," Hill said. "Well, this is the first I’ve ever heard."

There’s no threat in the note, but it says she's an embarrassment to the community and should take down her Trump 2020 flag or move.

"All I did was hang a Trump flag during the election," Hill said. "I was going to take it down, but now I’m kind of mad and might leave it up for a while."

These are heated times -- as arrests are made for what happened at the Capitol and the transition of power is days away. Even with the charged political climate, Hill says she was surprised someone would write a strongly worded note about her political flag.

She says her neighbors have never said anything before.

"We have the most wonderful neighbors, we really do and they’ve never said a word one way or the other," Hill said.

She doesn’t think anyone on her street left the note.

Hill said she didn’t contact the police because she said she didn’t feel threatened.

"It's still a free country. I think and we should be able to fly an innocuous flag," she said. "It’s not obscene or anything like that, it’s just our viewpoints and I’m going to take it down. I’m not going to leave it up forever, but right now I was a little ticked off."

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