'Nunu' the horse still recovering after Dan Ryan protest: 'Just say prayers for her'

Fox 32 News spent Thursday at the farm where the horse that was ridden on the Dan Ryan is rehabilitating.

“Nunu” is turning a corner, which is a big change since initially officials thought the horse would have to be put down.

“Makes me cry. She shouldn’t have had to go through that,” said caretaker Terry Wenninger.

Wenninger has been taking care of Nunu almost around the clock since the badly injured 20-year-old female horse arrived last week.

“It’s intensive. It’s 24/7, so she keeps me busy,” Wenninger said.

Nunu mostly lays in her stall and has to be coaxed to stand up and walk every three hours to prevent blood clots. Her legs are still badly swollen and painful.

“Nunu is a horse that’s been very friendly and very nice, and it deserves a chance at staying alive,” said Jim Larson, owner of Fairview Farms.

Nunu was injured a week ago Monday during a well-intentioned protest that backfired.

Adam Hollingsworth, 33 -- who is better known as the “Dreadhead Cowboy” -- galloped his horse for seven miles down the Dan Ryan Expressway to draw attention to violence against children in Chicago.

But the stunt left Nunu battered and bleeding, and Hollingsworth was charged with a felony count of animal cruelty, which he denies.

“I’ve seen in the papers where somebody said it’s doing extremely well. Well, that may not be the case,” Larson said.

Fairview Farms quickly raised $8,000 for Nunu’s care through a GoFundMe campaign, and the injured horse is getting plenty of love from the public.

“We’ve gotten boxes of treats, cards and letters and everybody just pouring out the love,” Wenninger said. “Just say prayers for her. That’s what she needs right now.”