Oak Forest students learn the science behind flight with Adopt-A-Pilot program

Middle school students learned the best way to fly Tuesday — thanks to Southwest Airlines.

Seventh and eighth graders at St. Damian in Oak Forest participated in the Adopt-A-Pilot program.

Retired Captain Lou Freeman, the first African-American pilot and Chief Pilot for Southwest Airlines, and local Southwest Chief Pilot Nick Caulfield spoke with the students about aviation. 

The goal is to pique their interest in aviation careers. 


Because of COVID-19, the program was delayed at St. Damian.

As part of the four-week-long Adopt-A-Pilot Program, students will tackle assignments in writing, geography, math, aviation and the science behind flight. 

After the four weeks, students will travel to Southwest Airlines at Midway Airport on April 24 and May 23 to tour a hangar and sit in a cockpit.