Officer caught on camera making racially charged comments

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A Chicago Police officer is under investigation after a video purports to show the officer making racially charged comments.

CPD says it is investigating a videotaped incident involving an unidentified police officer, in which he is heard making racially charged remarks including, "Mike Brown deserved it."  According to a report from the Chicago Sun Times, the white, plainclothes officer was on duty in a primarily African-American neighborhood at the time of the taping. 

In the 41-second video, the police officer is seen standing next to an unmarked police vehicle and bickering with the man who recorded to incident. During the argument, the person recording the incident says he "doesn't trust police" because "you all might shoot us." That is when the officer responds with Brown "got what he had coming," and "Mike Brown deserved it."

Police officials say they have identified the officer, however his name has not yet been released. 

The Chicago Police Department issued a statement on the investigation Tuesday:

CPD prides itself on fostering productive relationships with communities to make Chicago safer. The comments in this video are troubling and do not represent the views of this department. Upon learning of the video, we have opened an internal affairs investigation into the actions of this officer.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Stay tuned to for updates on this developing story.