Officers bring night vision goggles to nearly-blind veteran

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Officers in Pembroke Pines, Florida answered the call from an 88-year-old Navy veteran who had one request before completely losing his sight. 

Stanley Gold is 75 percent blind.

Knowing he has a short time left with any vision, Gold asked the Pembroke Pines Police Department if he could try its night-vision goggles.

Wednesday, members of PPPD SWAT showed up at the Korean War veteran's house ready to fulfill that wish.

In a video posted on Twitter, an officer stands next to Gold, who is wearing the night vision goggles.

"Are you ready to go to work?" the officer asks him.

"I already spent 37 years at the post office," Gold replied with a laugh.

PPPD included a "thank you" message to Gold for the chocolate Klondike bars he gave the officers.

"88-year old Navy Veteran Stanley Gold, who is 75% blind, reached out to our officers & asked if he could try their night vision equipment before he lost his vision completely. Last night members of our PPPD SWAT met with Mr. Gold to make his dream a reality."