Parents of Chicago student killed in shooting outside Pilsen school demand answers

It's been a month since two teens were killed outside a Chicago public high school.

On Wednesday, parents of victims and a Chicago alderman were calling on the district to do more.

The shooting happened December 17, 2022, outside Benito Juarez in Pilsen. Student Brandon Perez, 15, and his 14-year-old friend were both killed.

Two other teens were hit by gunfire and survived.


The families are accusing the principal of the school and CPS CEO Pedro Martinez of not doing enough to track down the shooter. They want the video released showing exactly what happened, and they want resources to help the students that are traumatized.

At this point, they believe they are being racially discriminated against.

"This was a murder of two children in a school premises with over 70 witnesses, the vast majority were minors, which to this day are traumatized by such a tragic and violent murder - once again on the premises in front of the school," said Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez.

"What is also tragic is the lack of reaction from authorities, the Board and CEO, the mayor and the school administration who continue to ignore the families," he added.

CPS did release a statement, saying:

"...In the month since the tragedy at Benito Juarez Community Academy High School, the District implemented several safety and social emotional supports in partnership with other community-based organizations and the Chicago Police Department to support students, families, and staff..."

The group hopes to have a meeting with CPS over their concerns.