Parolee caught by Sheriff's K9 after jumping from motel window fleeing police

An armed man out on parole was caught by a Lake County Sheriff's K9 as he tried fleeing from police out a second-story window Sunday morning.

Ricardo Perez, 31, of Mundelein, jumped out of a motel window in suburban Beach Park after Sheriff's deputies were responding to a fight, according to Lake County officials.

The fight happened around 1:45 a.m. in the 39000 block of North Sheridan Road.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived and knocked at the second-floor room where the fight was occurring, Perez, who was armed with a pistol while out on parole, fled. 


Sheriff’s deputies made a perimeter around the area.  Sheriff’s K9 Dax was called to track Perez.  

K9 Dax first recovered Perez’ firearm that had been thrown in bush on the north side of the motel. Perez was found hiding behind a dumpster in a nearby parking lot.  

Officials say Perez refused to surrender, and K9 Dax subdued him by biting his arm.

Perez was transported to an area hospital for the dog bite and also a leg injury he sustained when jumping from the second floor window.  

Ricardo Perez and K9 Dax (Lake County Sheriff)

He was discharged from the hospital and is currently in the Lake County Jail awaiting his initial court hearing. 

Perez was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, aggravated unlawful possession of a firearm – No FOID Card, aggravated unlawful possession of a firearm – No CCL, and resisting arrest.

A parole violation warrant is expected to be issued.