Paul Vallas, Brandon Johnson busy on campaign trail with 16 days until Chicago mayoral election

With just 16 days until Chicago voters choose a new mayor, both Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson were busy on the campaign trail Sunday.

Johnson, who is a Cook County Commissioner, made appearances at a half dozen churches on Chicago's South and West Sides before an afternoon speech at the United Power Community Organization in North Lawndale. There, he renewed his call for more taxes on Chicago's wealthiest residents and large corporations.

 "Under my administration once we get the revenue, I'm pulling the lever to release the funds to reroute the rivers that have left our communities dry and desolate," Johnson said. "To make sure we bring life and hope and promise. Because our promises have to be as big as the City of Chicago."

Later at the same forum, former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas diverted from his usual message about public safety being his number one priority, and promised to take 4 square miles of vacant property on the South Side and turn it over to the community.

"My legacy is not going to be public safety," Vallas said. "My legacy is not going to be balancing budgets. My legacy-my real legacy is going to be what I do to revitalize those communities that have long been underserved."

Earlier, Vallas was endorsed by a large group of African American pastors organized by businessman and former candidate Willie Wilson.

 "We should not look at color in this situation. We have to look for our best interests," Wilson said.