PAWS Chicago expecting 33 puppies and dogs from Texas tornado zone on Monday

On Monday, PAWS Chicago was preparing for the arrival of 33 dogs and puppies from the Texas tornado zone.

Vehicle trouble caused significant delays in getting the animals from the Houston area to Chicago. The van transporting them was initially scheduled to arrive on Monday morning but is now expected late Monday night.

The animals range in age from 10 weeks to three years old.

"Because we have a state-of-the-art medical center, we’re able to take in these dogs who need advanced medical care," said Kristina Rosinia, PAWS Chicago COO.

The effort is all part of PAWS Chicago’s Disaster Relief Program.

"PAWS has been doing disaster relief since 2005," said Rosinia.


Some of the dogs that will arrive in Chicago were housed at a shelter in Pasadena, Texas that suffered devastating damage during last month’s storm. Its roof was torn off and the animals that were housed there are in the process of being relocated.

Other dogs are on their way to PAWS Chicago to help make room for animals that were displaced – as residents continue to clean up.

In addition to Pasadena, dogs are coming from shelters in Houston and Livingston, Texas.

Once the pups are moved in, they'll undergo physical exams.

"Every one of them will receive a full physical exam, we’ll be checking them out from the tip of the nose to the tail," said Dr. Emily Yacker, PAWS Chicago medical director.  

For young, healthy animals, these exams are fairly quick, while older dogs will need a little more attention.

"For older patients, it can take longer, we need to do blood sampling, x-rays, ultrasounds – running a variety of tests," said Dr. Yacker.

After that, all of them will be spayed and neutered, and soon enough – they could be yours.

Once they are ready for adoption or in need of foster homes, the pups' photos will be posted online here

The dogs include 19 males and 14 females. Some are in litter, and some are still with their mothers:

  • Duke and Knight, 4-months-old
  • Jasmine and Aladdin, 8-months-old
  • Tempo, 4 months old, and her mother Trina
  • Stella and Sophie, 13-weeks-old
  • Levi and Louie, 10 weeks old
  • Brie, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Colby, Feta, Provolone, and Cheddar, 7-weeks-old
  • Sonesta and her babies Soda, Spago, Sparrow, Spartan, and Sonoma, 6-weeks-old
  • Ducana and Dulce, 10-weeks-old

The transfer of pets is being coordinated by Rescued Pets Movement of Houston.