Philadelphia woman's dying wish is to find new owner for her dog

A Philadelphia woman on hospice care has one last wish.

Valerie Alexander of Old City wants to make sure that her dog, Rosie, who she’s had for five years, is taken care of before she dies. 

"She’s part of my family," said Alexander. "She’s my child."

Alexander has terminal brain cancer, and she was told by her doctor that she only has weeks left to live. Now, her main concern is finding a safe and loving home for her loyal companion.

Rosie has been there for her owner through the good times, and now through the bad times, which is why it is so important for Alexander to not only find a good home for Rosie, but to meet her new owner before she passes. 

"I want to make sure she gets as much love after I’m gone as she gives. I don’t want her to be sad, or locked in a cage or treated badly. I want someone who loves her," said Alexander. 

Charles Bowles, a friend of Alexander says that Rosie’s new owner should have lots of energy, plenty of tennis balls, and no other pets.

"Either one of two things will be good for Rosie-- either someone young and energetic that needs a running buddy, or someone who has a big yard and lets Rosie run around all day," he said. 

While Alexander searches for Rosie’s new owner, she realizes that time is short, but she says she will be able to truly rest in peace knowing that Rosie will be okay. 

"All I know is I am alive today and anything beyond that is a gift, which is true for everyone," Alexander said. 

If you are interested in adopting Rosie, email: