Biden speaks on murder of Muslim child in Plainfield during primetime address

In a primetime address on Thursday night, President Joe Biden appealed to Americans for additional aid to Ukraine and Israel, emphasizing that U.S. leadership "holds the world together."

President Biden highlighted the importance of making sure that terrorists and dictators face consequences for their actions to prevent further chaos and destruction.

"History has taught us that when terrorists don't pay a price for their terror, when dictators don't pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos and death and more destruction. They keep going, and the costs and threats to America and the world keep rising," he said.

The President called for Congress to approve $10 billion in aid for Israel, which has seen 32 Americans killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict. He also stressed the need for additional aid to Ukraine, which has already received $130 billion in aid.

President Biden acknowledged that Hamas and Russia represent different threats but noted that they both aim to undermine neighboring democracies. He also reflected on a recent attack on a Palestinian American family in the Chicago suburb of Plainfield.

"Just last week, a mother was brutally stabbed here in the United States, and a little boy who had just turned 6 years old was murdered in their home outside of Chicago. We can't stand by and stand silent when this happens," he said.

The President called on Americans to denounce Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, emphasizing that America is a beacon to the world.