Police: ‘Discrepancies' in robbery story after woman struck, killed on Lake Shore Drive

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Police and family members say the story behind a woman’s death on Lake Shore Drive this weekend is filled with “discrepancies.”

Pamela Johnson, 32, of the Calumet Heights neighborhood on the city’s South Side was hit and killed by a pickup truck early Sunday morning in the Gold Coast.

Her 43-year-old boyfriend she was with at the time was also struck, but he is in stable condition at Northwestern hospital. Police say he told them they were approached by armed robbers and ran away from them and into traffic.

“We ain’t buying too much of what happened,” said crisis responder and relative to Johnson, Andrew Holmes. “If there was a robbery and someone was chasing our loved one and they had the video footage or some witness that can prove this - then we can accept that.”

Johnson’s family, including her 12-year-old son, came together Sunday afternoon to demand answers.

“It has to be a motive whether she was running from robbers, running from him or who she was running from, we dont' know the answer to that,” said Holmes.

Johnson supported her son and her sister, who is away at college, by working at a call center.

“She was fun loving, do anything for anyone took care of her child,” said Geradine Johnson, her grandmother.

Police say they are still investigating her death and agree there are "discrepancies" in the robbery story told by Johnson's boyfriend. They are  now examining surveillance footage from that area.

This holiday weekend there have been 39 people wounded from gun violence and another 4 killed.