Police looking for carjacking suspect who left behind selfie on victim's phone

A carjacking suspect is making it a lot easier for police to track him down.

He left behind a selfie after allegedly stealing a woman's car and phone in Indianapolis on Monday.

The woman was waiting in her car while her mom was in an assisted living center visiting a relative. Then, the suspect struck, stealing the vehicle.

Police later found the woman’s phone abandoned about 15 minutes away and returned it to her.


When she started going through it, she was shocked to see the thief's face in her photos.

I looked and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s the person who literally robbed me today and took my car,'" said Megan Whisler.

She thinks the man accidentally took the selfie when she was pinging it to try to track it. She thinks it took the picture as he was trying to silence the phone.