Police: Officers rescue disabled woman trapped in car for 9 days at tow yard

Police rescued a disabled woman who was stuck in a car for nine days after it was towed from a gas station parking lot to a tow yard in Burien

According to Kent Police, the woman was reported missing by her sister after she hadn't been seen since earlier in the month.

Officers determined that the last time the woman was seen was on Feb. 5 with her mother, a 45-year-old Kent resident. Police said that the mother parked her car in a gas station parking lot and walked off. 

The gas station had a private company tow away what they thought was an abandoned vehicle. 

Kent officers contacted the tow company, who found the missing woman inside the car. She had been in the car at the tow yard for nine days in nearly freezing temperatures.

"We found a lady in the backseat covered over by clothing and other detritus, so she couldn't be seen," said Bon Pauza, the manager at Skyway Towing and Rescue.

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Pauza said his driver knocked on the car window to see if anyone was inside-- no one responded. The doors were locked.

She was alive, but unresponsive when medics arrived.

The woman was in serious medical condition and was taken to a nearby hospital.

"I've been in this industry for over 30 years and this is the first time I've ever seen it. It's never happened before," Pauza said. 

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"We are extremely relieved that we were able to locate and rescue the victim. If not for the efforts of our Officers and the support of King County Sheriffs and Fire, this incident would likely have ended in tragedy" stated Kent Police Chief Padilla.

Kent Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. The vehicle is being searched for evidence. 

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