Police supporters met with opposition at rally in Jefferson Park

On one side of the street, a group of people rallied around law enforcement. On the other side of the street, activists held a counter-protest against the “Support the Police” rally.

It comes during a year where Chicago police officers have responded to lootings and shootings during a pandemic. 

“You see what’s happening at these riots - the way they’re treating police officers, so more than ever we really need to show our positive support,” said Alderman Nicholas Sposato of the 38th Ward. 

They’re also in contract talks with the city.

“It only makes sense for me to be out here especially when we don’t have a contract and the city just insulted us with a contract offer,” said FOP President John Catanzara.

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara  says Mayor Lightfoot tacked on more than 40 disciplinary reforms to the contract, which he does not support. 

“We have worked under incredibly difficult conditions this whole spring and summer and nobody seems to give a damn. We deserve a raise, we deserved it before the pandemic and riots, we definitely deserve it now more than ever before,” said Catanzara.