Principal uses FaceTime to read to students while bus is stranded on snowy roads

A Pennsylvania principal did his best to keep his students calm after their bus home was caught up in traffic caused by a rare fall snowstorm Thursday.

Lower Moreland School District dismissed students early Thursday in an effort to beat the snow, but it didn’t stop some of their students from getting stuck in traffic.

A bus full of elementary school students was among the thousands of cars stuck on area roadways as the snow, rain, and ice created treacherous driving conditions.

Dr. Brian Swank, the principal at Pine Road Elementary, wasn’t on the bus with those students but felt he needed to find a way to keep their minds off the situation and to assure them they would be getting home safely.

So, Dr. Swank, with the help of FaceTime, was able to speak with his students and tell them the ‘grown-ups’ would be getting them home safely.

He also used that open line of communication to read books to the students as they sat and waited for traffic to begin moving again.