Protesters gather outside Rep. Schneider's home in Highland Park

Dozens of protesters gathered outside Congressman Brad Schneider's home in Highland Park Friday night. 

The City of Highland Park police received noise complaints at 2:43 a.m. Saturday near Woodland Road. 

Officers arrived on the scene at 2:47 a.m. and found approximately 40 protesters in the street carrying banners and shouting pro-Palestinian and antisemitic chants. The protesters used loudspeakers and drums. 

Responding officers de-escalated and dispersed the crowd. By 3:15 a.m., all the protesters were gone. Police remained on the scene to investigate. 

A spokesperson for Congressman Schneider released a statement Sunday. 

"It’s unfortunate that, instead of seeking a constructive dialogue with Congressman Schneider, a group of people hiding their faces chose to taunt and intimidate a predominantly Jewish neighborhood on the Jewish Sabbath in the middle of the night," a spokesperson said.  

"It’s even more disturbing they chose to harass a community that is preparing to commemorate the second anniversary of the Highland Park mass shooting, a shared tragedy that was spurred by hate. The Congressman is always happy to meet and sit down with anyone. I encourage those who disagree with his views to seek a conversation in the daylight rather than disturbing and traumatizing families in the darkness of night," they added. 

The City of Highland Park said it, "unequivocally condemns antisemitism and all acts of hate, standing in solidarity with our Jewish community."