Protesters rally outside Mayor Emanuel's home over deadly police shooting

People who are angry over a deadly Chicago police shooting took their protest right to the mayor's doorstep on Thursday.

There have been calls for the mayor and the Chicago police superintendent to resign following this latest police shooting, and today marked the sixth day in a row for protests.

The protest took place right outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home in Ravenswood. Protesters marched down the street carrying a makeshift casket, representing 37-year-old Harith Augustus, who was shot to death by Chicago police over the weekend.

One body camera video was released from that incident, but didn't contain audio. The group now wants all videos made public and for the mayor to resign.

Reverend Gregory Livingston says he's now planning a massive demonstration, hoping to block streets around Wrigleyville during a Cubs game later this month.

“We want to mess up traffic, we want to make things difficult, the reason being the whole idea of demonstration or protest from Jesus to Gandhi to Dr. King is that you have to redistribute the pain, and there are many citizens in this city who are not aware of some of the pain that other citizens are going through,” said Livingston.

A group of mothers who've lost loved ones to gun violence were meeting with gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker when they ran into Mayor Emanuel and wanted to speak with him Thursday at a Bronzeville coffee shop. A video of the encounter was posted on the Facebook page for "Black Lives Matter Chicago."

It appears the mayor was caught off guard. He told the group to wait a second, so they all took a seat, right about the time the mayor and his entourage walked out the door. The group followed and yelled their concerns.

FOX 32 asked for a response to the video and a spokesperson for the mayor's office says, "the mayor had events that we didn't cover today...dealing with important issues Chicago is facing - talking about economic development and the gun violence."