Raging Waves opens for the season, debuts exciting new ride

The weather is finally heating up, which means it may be time for a dip in the pool - or better yet - a trip to the water park!

Raging Waves officially opened for the season Saturday.

Co-owner of the water park, Randy Witt, says there is an attraction for everyone at the park, and visitors will certainly have a great day.

"There is something here for everyone, from the little toddlers all the way up to the grandparents," said Witt. "We have a variety of 32 waterslides. We sit on 58 acres. We have a giant wave pool, a huge lazy river that is incredibly popular - the grandparents love it!"

A brand new ride is also being debuted this weekend at Raging Waves called the Aussie Mat Dash. It is only one of three in the entire world.


"You ride in on a mat, head first, kinda curl up on a mat, and you go through about 400 feet - it's six lanes" said Witt. "You have these rally points throughout the ride, and you race five of your friends, family members, whatever the case may be, and it's just so, so exciting!"

Although Witt is very excited for the debut of the new ride, he says his favorite ride will always be The Boomerang.

"People get off water rides, and they're pretty excited. People get off of The Boomerang, and they're just flat out giddy," said Witt.