Rahm Emanuel to publish book on 'Why Mayors Run the World'

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a new book deal.

Book publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced Tuesday it will publish a book by Emanuel on governing at a time of "historic gridlock."

Titled "The Nation City: Why Mayors Run the World," Emanuel's book will cover how cities, rather than the federal government, are driving change today. 

Emanuel is a former congressman, adviser to President Bill Clinton and White House chief of staff for President Barack Obama. 

He says "cities have become the places where function has replaced dysfunction," tackling issues from climate change to immigration, infrastructure, violence and education.

Emanuel announced earlier this month he will not seek a third term as Chicago mayor. 

A Knopf spokesman says the book is scheduled for release in spring 2020. Emanuel co-authored a 2007 book.