Rauner, Chicago community leaders talk crime prevention

Gov. Bruce Rauner met with Chicago community leaders Thursday night in Washington Park to try to stop a recent outbreak of violence from getting worse. 

The closed-door meeting between Rauner and African-American leaders was called by community leaders following the shooting of five people near the Green Line at 63rd and King. The media was kept out and Rauner's press team curiously shielded him from our questions

Chicago police said it is a "high likelihood" Wednesday's shooting was gang retaliation for a shooting ambush outside the funeral for a local rapper that injured six people Monday. 

"This senseless violence has got to end,” Rauner said. “I'm here to listen. I'm here to understand. I want your ideas. Your wisdom. Your sharing. This is gonna take all of us coming together to solve this problem."

Rauner and other leaders, like Father Michael Pfleger and political hopefuls Jedidiah Brown and Ja'mal Green echoed each others outrage over gang violence.

“This is going to take all of us, whether you're an activist, everybody should be an activist, not matter if you're a doctor, a pastor. Pastor's got to come out their churches. Residents need to come out their homes and stop waiting on a savior. Nobody can save us but us,” Green said.