Ravenswood sculptor turns Chicago homes into artwork

A Ravenswood couple is turning peoples' homes into some incredible pieces of artwork. 

Katie Lauffenburger and Phil Thompson are the creators of Wonder City Studio.

It started with Phil, who draws homes and buildings by pen. Then Katie said she wanted to tap into her creativity again too.

So, she took some art classes at the neighborhood art center, and decided to create beautiful ceramic creations of homes. 

"I just kind of had this epiphany that I should be making architectural artwork too because we know that the audience is there, and we know that people in the city just love their residential architecture in particular, so I started making bungalows, and that just naturally leads to people wanting their own homes created," said Lauffen-Burger.


The process takes three months. 

Lauffen-Burger said it's because the sculpting and drying process can take a few weeks all on its own. 

However, she said she also doesn't take on a ton of projects, so the home she's making can get the detail it deserves.