'Reopen Illinois' rallies held as Anti-Defamation League condemns Nazi imagery on signs

Men and women, their ages varied, but they carried the same message to Springfield and Chicago – that coronavirus is a scam-demic. They mistrust what’s being released. 

Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League responded to imagery and signs comparing Gov. JB Pritzker to Hitler by saying in a statement, "The comparison of Illinois's democratically elected governor to Hitler is antisemitic – period. Such vile comparisons trivialize and dishonor the memories of the millions killed by Nazi Germany."

Ralliers said they just want to go back to last December when they could go to a show, host a party and take their kids to the park. They’re demanding politicians release their hold.

“It’s just another form of authoritarianism which I’m not for, I’m for freedom,” said Brian Kraemer, a supporter of Reopen Illinois.

“Governor Pritzker, his family hasn’t had to live by the same rules we’ve had to live by and we all know that. The hypocrisy is breathtaking,” said Tina McGreth, Reopen Illinois, Chicago co-organizer.

Friday night, the Illinois Department of Public Health imposed new rules saying whoever violates theirs will be subject to a Class A misdemeanor. It’s up for discussion this Wednesday.

“It’s very scary about what is going to happen on Wednesday. The numbers do not correlate with the action that they are taking. So I have contacted my state representative,” said Christine McGovern, Reopen Illinois, Chicago co-organizer.

Christine McGovern and Tina McGreth represent Reopen Illinois, Chicago.

“We have waited. We’ve done everything we’ve been asked to do. We’ve sheltered at home. We’ve avoided shopping. We haven’t been able to go to restaurants. We can’t go to parks with our kids. We can’t do any of that. Enough is enough,” said Tina McGreth, Reopen Illinois, Chicago co-organizer.

Protesters held signs expressing disgust for the way Governor JB Pritzker’s handling things.

Two protests, noisy, yet peaceful, for the most part. Chicago police broke up this fight between a guy holding a Nazi flag and a man who was upset by it.

“I’m here because we all deserve freedom. We need to go back to work. I’ve been laid off. I want to start making money,” said Brian Kraemer, supporter.

“I can’t say it’s hurting me personally. I found a way to work. So I am making money, but the fact that my liberties are being taken, you know,” said Jessica Pancoskn, supporter.

In a crowd this size, people were not social distancing and very few wore a mask.

“These masks believe it or not they don’t do a damn thing,” said Eric Hornung, supporter.

“If you want to make a living, you should be allowed to work and live. People are going to lose their homes. The forebearance period ends. We’re in deep trouble in this state,” said McGreth.

The Anti-Defamation League is tonight reacting to the presence of Nazi and Anti-Semitic signs at “Stay at Home” protests. They say the flames of hatred are deeply concerning.