Republicans call for increased drilling in US after OPEC cuts oil production

OPEC's decision to cut oil production by two-million barrels a day has unleashed a flurry of angry reaction from Capitol Hill threatening Saudi Arabia and its allies with retaliation.

"There should be bipartisan outrage and demand that they reverse the system or there will be consequences," said California Congressman Ro Khanna (D).

President Joe Biden and the White House had been lobbying OPEC for months to keep production levels steady or increase them, even meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud this summer but walking away with no deal.


Republicans argue the only solution is to increase drilling in the U.S.

"We have now again become dependent on OPEC and other countries because of this administration's resistance and outright assault on American energy production," said South Dakota Senator John Thune (R).

AAA says the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at about $3.86. Some analysts predict OPEC's decision could tack on another 30 cents a gallon.