Riot Fest, St. Anthony Hospital reach agreement

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Breathe easy, Riot Fest fans - St. Anthony Hospital in the Douglas Park neighborhood says it will no longer try to stop the three-day music festival. 

Earlier this week, FOX 32 News reported the hospital sued the organizers of Riot Fest, saying it would cause extreme noise and compromise the safety of patients. The hospital is located in a city-sanctified "quiet zone" just across the street from Douglas Park. Hospital management asked a federal judge to pull the plug on the music festival. 

Prior to the agreement, the hospital asked the festival's organizers to pay nearly $100,000 in security and staffing fees to the hospital and over $50,000 in hospital legal fees in order to allow the show to go on. 

But Tuesday, the hospital and music festival organizers reached an agreement that will allow the fest to go on. According to a report, Riot Fest will now restore parking on 19th Street in front of St. Anthony Hospital and will erect pedestrian barricades on the west side of California Ave. Organizers will also continuously monitor traffic flow with a promise that should pedestrian and vehicular congestion make it difficult for emergency vehicles to access the hospital, traffic will be closed. Lastly, the fest organizers will monitor the noise level to keep patients safe.

More than 100, 000 people are expected to attend the three day music festival in Douglas Park on the Southwest side.