Rockton chemical plant fire: Residents return home to charred debris around the neighborhood

Several days after a horrible chemical plant fire erupted in northern Illinois, people were finally able to go back home on Friday.

However, a lot of people were not happy with what they were finding upon their return.

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There are chunks of burned debris scattered in the yards all over the neighborhood.

The Chemtool company said it would send cleanup crews, but a number of residents picked up the charred debris with gloves and disposed of it in plastic bags.


They say they have pets and kids, and can’t afford to wait any longer.

Residents also learned that the private firefighting crew that was hired to put out the fire used a chemical foam containing a potentially toxic chemical.

They sprayed about 3,200 gallons of that foam on Tuesday before the EPA shut them down.

Now, there are concerns that it could leech into the ground water.

One resident who spoke with FOX 32 said even though he can go home, he can’t stay there because he fled leaving the windows open, and the inside of his house is now unlivable.