Saint Sabina Summer Kickoff: Chicago church outreach program includes food, vaccinations

St. Sabina Church is stepping up for Chicagoans as summer kicks off.

This year, their outreach will include more than food for those in need.


Summer can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous time of year in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, which is why Saint Sabina Church is kicking off a number of programs to help keep people healthy and safe.

They are calling it the Saint Sabina Summer Kickoff and it started Thursday with free COVID-19 vaccinations – part of an outreach effort by Roseland Hospital to get more people vaccinated in African-American communities.

In addition, 400 meals were distributed outside the church in boxes containing enough food to feed a family of four for about a week.

All this is being presided over by Father Michael Pfleger, who returned to the church last weekend after a five month investigation into abuse allegations that were found to be unsubstantiated by the archdiocese.

Pfleger says even though we are in the final stages of the pandemic, it is important to remember many people are still feeling its aftereffects.

"Everything is opening up tomorrow but we gotta make sure we understand, everything's not good with everybody. People are still struggling out here, people are still hungry out here, and people are still trying to get back on their feet," Pfleger said.

The vaccination shots will be offered at Saint Sabina every three weeks throughout the summer.