Shedd Aquarium pledges to reduce ocean-harming plastic

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is among a group of aquariums making an Earth Day pledge to reduce single-use plastic.

Shedd officials made the announcement Monday. The First Step campaign is a promise to reduce plastic that often ends up in oceans and threatens aquatic life.

The 20 aquariums that are part of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership are among 600 businesses and 160,000 individuals nationally to take the pledge.

Shedd says it is committed to meeting three goals by 2021. They are to significantly reduce or eliminate single-use plastic packaging in retail products, reduce single-use plastic in "back-of-house" operations, and eliminate single-use plastic in all dining tableware.

ACP aquariums have already eliminated plastic straws and single-use plastic take-away bags. They are working to reduce plastic beverage bottles by 2020.