Short film aims to steer Chicago kids away from guns, violence

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The outrageous number of shootings this weekend drives home the point that it needs to stop.

Now, one organization is trying to help do that in a creative way. 

"Pretty sad and bad...a lot of things,” said actor Jason Rogers Jr.

Even an 8-year-old child understands the violence that's plaguing Chicago is an awful reality for many. For Rogers Junior, fortunately, it was just a role he played in the latest 'Think Before You Shoot' film series.

"The Lifestyle" is the final short film written by Anthony Sturdivant, who’s the founder of the nonprofit 'Think Before You Shoot' organization.

"I just really wanted to do some great things, I wanted to help the city and I just wanted to see change. There's a lot of negativity on the internet and in the world and I wanted to provide some balance,” said Sturdivant.

All six short films were written by the self-taught Sturdivant. They showcase the reality, but focus on the consequences. He hopes it shows people there is a choice before ending someone's life.

"People can understand that it's not just a day that you wake up, pick up a gun, but it's all around you. The music, the video games, the community, sometimes your family members, so I just want people to understand that it's a combination of things that gets you attracted to violent activities,” Sturdivant said.

The Rogers family was happy to be involved in the project. The hope is to change someone's mind before they pull the trigger.

"I think every little thing helps. Every little thing helps, if we can get to one then it would be great,” said father Jason Rogers Sr.

Sturdivant hopes more people can see there are better choices to be made to keep communities safe. The final short film will be released to the public next Monday.

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