Sisters from Wilmington shaking up the wrestling world

Two sisters from Wilmington are taking the wrestling world by storm.

"Her name’s Maleya, I'm Swayze," said eight-year-old Swayze Campbell, sitting next to her identical twin sister. 

The Campbell’s dad, Jacob, introduced them to martial arts as soon as they could walk. Then, they transitioned to wrestling when they were five years old. 

"As far as kicking, punching, a little bit of grappling, moving around and body mechanics. It was somebody at soccer that said Wilmington has a wrestling club. We were like girls can wrestle? Ok, let's go," Campbell said.

It helps when you have an identical twin to practice and compete against.

"They're always wrestling each other, pushing each other, making each other better, trying to be the best they could be," said Wilmington Wrestling Clubs director Joe Alsbury.

"Those are a heart-tugger, there's video of it," said Shaina Weyker, Maleya and Swayze's mom. "Swayze's like, 'I'm sorry sis, I have to pin you really quick,"'

Their drive and love for the sport has earned them a combined four state titles in three years. 

"That was very fun. After the match I was so happy I threw my headgear," Swayze said.

"Felt so happy and excited I didn't know what to feel, so it’s just a mixture," said Maleya.

Girls wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports. The Campbell twins believe they are well on their way to one day competing at the highest level.

 "We have lots of confidence. Kindness, respect. We know what we're doing when we're on that mat. We might be friends with them off the mat, but when we're on the mat, we're not," the twins said in unison.