Small suburban school's volleyball team heading to state

A small school in the western suburbs is celebrating a huge step.

Saint Paul Lutheran school in Aurora put on a raucous pep rally Thursday. They're celebrating sending the 8th grade girls volleyball team to state in a Lutheran league.

It's a huge step for the tiny school with just 160 students. There are only 9 kids in the 8th grade, so all four 8th grade girls play and 7th graders have to help.

Principal Diane Katz says the whole school from pre-school through 8th grade is vested in every single set and spike.

“We're like a family here with the students so they are all excited about these girls going down to state because they feel like it's them doing down there too,” Katz said.

For a school that's been in Aurora for 153 years, they say this is the best team they've ever had.

“It feels pretty amazing. That's a long time to be in existence. It’s all about the girls, playing as a team,” said Coach Tom Radomski.

And now, the cougar team has big plans to bring a state championship home.

The Cougars play Friday afternoon in Springfield.