‘Smells just like pickles!’: Pickle-flavored lip balm might be 2019’s best holiday stocking stuffer

Dill pickle-flavored lip balm might just be the solution to the a problem you didn’t even know you had. 

Now available on Etsy shop Blue Poppy Bath, the latest addition to an impressive list of over 40 flavors is the answer to every pickle lover’s prayers.

Shop owner Sheri started her company nearly five years ago and said she wanted to make her own lip balm using shea and cocoa butter. 

“I decided to try a dill pickle flavor as my sister was always raiding the pickle jar growing up and I wanted to surprise her with this lip balm,” she said. 

She said the pickle lip balm was an instant hit as soon as it went live on her Etsy store. 


The Dill Pickle Lip Balm available on Etsy shop Blue Poppy Bath.

“It has become my best-selling product,” said Sheri. The pickle-flavored balm currently boasts five stars with 5,796 reviews of people raving about how much they love it. 

“Fun stocking stuffer! Smells just like pickles!!” one enthusiastic review read. 

But pickle isn’t the only flavor this lip balm master is cooking up. 

“I do have pizza and bacon, both good sellers,” said Sheri. “Next year I will look into more wine and beer flavors.”