Snow strands thousands of travelers in Chicago

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Chicago travelers are feeling the burden of the weekend snow storm.

Round one on Saturday was not so bad, but on Sunday, the snow kept on coming, coating the roads with several inches.

"It's getting bad now," said driver Christine Peric. "This ended up being quite a storm."

And at the airports, even more trouble. More than 1,200 flights were canceled at O'Hare, with another 170 canceled at Midway. The well-known band "One Republic" got trapped in Chicago because of the snow and had to cancel a show in Las Vegas.

At O'Hare, Violet Muyonga was trying to get to Dayton, Ohio. She's from Kenya, and this was her first snowstorm.

"It's a nice experience, but when it coems to flights being canceled, it's not the best," she said.

Lora Hyet was in Chicago on a business trip and to see "Hamilton." Her first flight to Wichita was canceled, but on Sunday evening, she was still holding out hope.

"There's just one flight left of the day, so it's do or die," Hyet said. But, she said, at least the scenery is nice. "It was a very pretty cab ride over, actually."