South Elgin shelter aids in rescue of 250 dogs from Oklahoma puppy mills

Two dogs rescued from Oklahoma that will be held at the Anderson Humane Society in South Elgin.

Two hundred and fifty dogs and puppies were saved from two large-scale puppy mills in Oklahoma and an animal shelter in South Elgin is aiding in their rescue.

Authorities searched two residential properties in Milburn, Okla. after obtaining search and seizure warrants when they found the dogs living in "deplorable and unsanitary conditions," according to the Anderson Humane Society in South Elgin.

Several of the animals were being held in outdoor pens with "minimal protection" from the weather. 

After being evaluated by veterinarians, numerous health issues were found among the dogs, including skin infections, eye problems, and nasal discharge, according to the shelter.

One puppy was also taken for emergency treatment for respiratory distress, according to officials. 

Anderson Humane is looking to find homes for 30 of the rescued dogs and puppies from Oklahoma. 

The animals will be transported to Illinois by aircraft and will arrive on the morning of Monday, July 8. They'll be cared for at Anderson Humane until they can be adopted. 

The dogs and puppies will be re-evaluated medically and emotionally before being put up for adoption. 

Anyone interested in supporting the South Elgin shelter in caring for the animals can visit their website here.