Storms delay Air and Water Show for second day

Summer storms delayed the Chicago Air and Water Show for a second time this weekend, leaving behind a trail of standing water on the beach and in the parking lot at North Avenue Beach.

Sunday’s show started two hours late, but it didn’t disappoint.

“Boy the RAF red arrows were fantastic,” said Mary May, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

But the morning was rough for fans who arrived early to stake out a spot. They got stuck in a storm that forced them to wrestle with their tents.

“We got here at 7:30am and there was hurricane winds. It was not. I thought I was gonna blow away with this place. It was outrageous,” said Mike Fiaccato of Oak Lawn

“It felt like a mini cyclone, I swear to God. Each one of us were holding a corner down,” said Dawn Stryszak of Burbank.

Organizers delayed the start of the 61st annual Chicago Air and Water Show to let the rain move out, but it was a little messy on the sand with all the standing water.

“So the funny thing about this it actually worked in our favor because my grandson was getting wet and I didn’t have to worry about going down to the beach. He was actually here in the water,” said Debbie Rodela of Addison

“You know when you’re at the mercy of the weather gods, you just have to run with it, so we’re very happy that we got the show in today,” said May.
Fans who left later in the day had their own issues.

“We were stuck in traffic. We missed the show but we got to see it from the car,” laughed Tasia Owen of Indianapolis.

Of the two days, Sunday’s was better. Saturday’s got delayed twice. On Sunday, once the show got underway, it was all systems go from start to finish.