Student-athletes help Chicago business owner after his store was ransacked by looters twice

A group of local student-athletes stepped up to help a Chicago business owner after his store was ransacked by looters for a second time this summer. 

“They broke the door, glass, they went down, they stole a lot of things,” said business owner, Adel Albiadi.

Albiadi’s convenience store in River North had to shut down on May 29 after it was destroyed by looters, and this week, it happened again. The 81-year-old once again found himself cleaning up the broken pieces. 

“They damaged a lot of things...and they put everything on the floor,” said Albiadi.

On Wednesday, however, Albiadi received some help from high schoolers in the form of a check.

“On behalf of thousands of athletes from the city and suburbs, we are here to present a $1,000 check to help you get back on your feet. We know that COVID and the civil unrest has knocked you down many times, but always remember: fall down six times, get up seven,” said Kaylie Dahms from Plainfield Central High School.

“Adel's store isn't just his property. It's his livelihood. He has known throughout the neighborhood. all the local business owners love him,”  said Jalen Wallace  from Timothy Grisham High School

The thousand dollars came from student-athletes around Chicagoland, each donating one dollar a piece to help Albiadi get back on his feet.

The campaign was organized by Pepsico and Buddy's Helpers, a non-profit that matches student-athletes with community service projects.