Students raise thousands for fight against childhood cancer

Some elementary school students spent Friday getting rid of one of their prized possessions: Their hair. Lincoln Middle School in Park Ridge raised $125,000 to fight childhood cancer through St. Baldricks.

"I think the students have had so much fun with this," said Principal Tony Murray.

Seventh grader Sebastian Adams was one of 170 students and staff to have their heads shaved. He raised $1,230.

"It's been a year since i last shaved it," Adams said.  "It feels weird. I haven't done this in a while."

Lincoln Middle School students started shaving for St. Baldricks back when math teacher Jim Tebo's daughter Alicia was fighting cancer. She's now healthy college student studying to be a nurse.

The goal was to raise $100,000, and the principal says he "couldn't be prouder" by the way the kids exceeded that goal by a mile.

"I do get emotional about this," Murray said. "For this much money to go to research for kids cancer - it's outstanding."