Suburban couple reeling after wedding venue shockingly closes

A national wedding venue chain has abruptly closed down, shuttering its locations in Lincolnshire and Naperville.

Chris Flodstrom and Nadia Alvarez are set to become one in June. They are sure about their love for one another. The big question now is where the wedding and reception will be held as their dream location is no more.

“The venue was one of the first things that I booked," said Alvarez. “I didn’t want to be scrambling last minute with a place that I didn’t like.”

Noah’s Events sent the couple an email saying the company will no longer be able to host their wedding and reception with months to go and 200 guests to accommodate.

The future Flodstrom family needs a new venue.

“Now, here we are scrambling to see what’s next,” said Flodstrom. 

The location in Naperville is one of 48 event spaces around the country that shut down shop without warning.

“So far we are out of $7,000,” said Alvarez. “We are looking at other venues this week and hoping to get something in writing as soon as possible.”

The company was set on becoming a national chain but expanded too fast. It filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of 2019. 

The company’s plan was to continue operating, they were projecting to make big money from clients in January but it didn’t pan out that way.

“It does feel like they took advantage of us, knowing that they did file in May and it took them up until today [to say] what was happening.”

Sadly it’s not just this couple. Thousands of people are out of money now.

You can file a claim with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Utah. The company’s attorney says it’s unlikely anyone will get a reimbursement.